Tenant Emergency – Out of hours

In the event of a gas, electrical, oil or water emergency, outside of office hours, tenants should contact the following contractor to seek assistance/advice:

Clarkes Mechanical – 01983 299908 (If you are unable to speak to the duty engineer please leave a message)

Please note – this service must ONLY be employed when it is not appropriate to wait until the next working day to contact Spence Willard to report the problem.

Severe water leaks, gas and oil and major electrical faults would be considered serious enough to warrant an emergency call out. A faulty radiator or something similar (i.e. a cooker not working on a Sunday afternoon) would not be considered an emergency and you may be charged the call out fee. This service is put in place primarily to provide assistance over bank holiday periods and when the office is closed. You should continue to report all minor faults to the office on the next working day.

If you suspect a gas leak or carbon monoxide emergency or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) you should call:

National Gas Emergency Service – 0800 111 999 (Available 24 hours a day)

In the event of a power cut you should call:

SSE Power Distribution 0800 072 7282 or check their website www.ssepd.co.uk to establish if there is a local/regional problem.

Maintenance issues should always be reported to the Spence Willard Rentals Maintenance Department, based in our Yarmouth Office

Address: Spence Willard, The Square, Yarmouth PO41 0NP
Tel: 01983 761005
Email: yarmouth@spencewillard.co.uk